Puppy love

I forgot to post about our puppy. We got him the day after Christmas. His name is Sir Winston Churchill. Winston for short and Sir when he's in trouble. Which is a LOT. His birthday is November 7th. He'll be 5 months old soon! We love him a lot and this is great training for us! At least, that's what everyone keeps saying. :)

Stubborn Heart

Have you ever prayed about something then when God answered you doubted it was Him answering? Let me clarify. I asked God a few days ago to provide a solution to a problem. I kept praying this prayer over the course of several days. Then, a person I just met mentioned something to me and I immediately felt the tug on my heart. Maybe this is the answer to my prayers. But then doubt and worry set in. Am I crazy? Why would God answer my prayer? Is He really that concerned with my life that He would provide for my small insignificant needs? (I know in my head that He is, but my heart has a hard time believing.) I'm just being real here. I want to believe this is God's answer and His provision. Please let it be so!


It's been how long??

I can't believe it's been over a year since I posted. Oops. I still keep up with everyone but forgot to update you guys on me! So, since October of 2010 we have bought a house and we both moved to new positions in our jobs.

This is the new house! We absolutely love it.

Corey transferred from RN on the neurology floor to the ER. He has just a few more days of orientation then he'll start working nights again. I was working 16 hour shifts in the ER for CT but I have now moved back to 2nd shift. Eight hours of sleep a night is wonderful!

The only other news I have is that Corey is taking me to see the Harlem Globetrotters in January! I've wanted to see them since I was a kid. I'm so excited!!!

Oh and I'm cooking a roasted chicken for the first time for supper tonight. It's in the oven now and smells wonderful!

This is obviously the before. I'll try to remember to take a picture when it comes out. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


New Car

As you may have guessed from the title...we bought a new (to us) car! 2008 Toyota Camry. I already have a 2001 Camry so I know Corey will love his. That really is the most exciting news I have to offer you. :o)


WEIRD dream

I just had to weirdest dream ever! It all started with a venomous eel bite while on vacation. This nasty eel bit me like a vampire would. I had deep fang wounds when it was finished. I survived the attack to come down with a very disturbing complication a month later. My left arm was hurting and I woke up one day to the inside of my elbow being very swollen and scale like. The skin had changed colors. It was now yellow and green. Every once in a while a forked tongue would stick out from in between the scales. I FREAKED out and got to the ER as fast as I could. They couldn't tell me anything without a CT Scan. Naturally. So I requested Kristie and Christy to do my scan. The ER docs wanted them to wait because two level three trauma patients were coming to the ER. But Christy decided to ignore them. Kristie started my IV in my right arm. For some reason in my dream it hurt like crazy. Then the doctor let me look at the scan. I had a baby poisonous eel living in my left arm. Then I woke up. My left arm was stiff and cold. CREEPY! It's 8am on a Sunday and I got up so I wouldn't forget any details of the dream.



I've been inspired by all the people I know that ran the Country Music 1/2 and full Marathon today. I've been wanting to start running again for a while. Corey and I are moving in exactly two weeks and I plan on taking full advantage of all the "free" time I'll have since I won't be commuting. Priority one is exercise! Gotta whip this body into better shape! I sure am glad you guys love me because that last sentence sure is nerdy.


Spastic Spring

So this month has been pretty busy! I went on a girls weekend getaway trip with some friends last weekend. We went to a cabin in Pigeon Forge. So pretty but the drive was terrible. I hurt my shoulder at work in early April (partially torn biceps tendon) and it's been so painful. So sitting in a car for six hours was hard to do. But it was worth it to see some friends I never get to see and to make a few new friends.

I went back to the endocrinologist this past Wednesday for a check-up. My hemaglobin A1C was 5.4!!! SOOOOOOO awesome. I can't even tell you how proud of that number I am. Most diabetes doctors want that number under 7 and you're doing good. 5.4 is rock star status. Ok, maybe that's going too far. Ha! Anyway, my TSH was up again meaning my thyroid is not producing enough hormone. So I have to increase my dosage of that med. No big deal. At least I'll not feel so tired soon.

And the big news is...Corey got the job and we are moving back to Jackson three weeks from TODAY! I cannot wait to have a 10 minute commute. But most of all I can't wait to be close to friends again. Deep breath. This year has been tough being away from so many people I love so much. But it's almost over and Corey and I can get established as a couple in Jackson and at Fellowship.

This is us at Benihana in Memphis in January. We went there for our Christmas/New Year Celebration with my aunt and uncle.